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 Hangzhou Xinhua Paper Industry Co., LTD. is the First Class State Owned enterprise and large scale manufacturer of long fiber specialty paper, Which is established in 1992 on the basis of 40 year old Hangzhou Xinhua Paper Mill, It has comprehensive capacity of paper making and coating processes. We have been commended as a “First Class Advanced Technology Enterprise”in China.  The total invest value is USD 48.88 million and the registered capital is USD16.6 million.  covered the area of 177269 square meter, the total area of building is 144636 square meter in Tonglu new factory. Now we have five production lines,  three long fiber production lines and two automotive filter paper production lines. The annual turnovers exceeding USD16,000,000. Employing more than 1174 personnel, including 230 professional technicians and 93 professional engineers. we owned advanced equipment as inclined wire paper machines and 8 paper machines and 12 thermal treatment and coating machines and cylinder papermaking machines.

       Our "Double Rings" trademark has become famous in the domestic market due to our high standards and large product ranges. Continually developing new products, our main series now include:

1) Long-fiber paper: non heat-sealable teabag paper, press washing bag paper and lens cleaning tissue ;

2) Heat sealable paper: heat-sealable teabag paper, silica gel wrapping paper and mask paper ;

3) Office paper: stencil paper and computer stencil paper; 

4) Automotive filter paper: air filter paper ,fuel filter paper and oil filter paper;  

5) Coffee filter paper  and Mesh coffee filter paper

      Using sophisticated manufacturing technology, we are continually updating our management system, expanding our enterprise size, and recruiting talented personnel in order to expand our market share. If you are interested in any of our existing products, or have a customized order to complete, please contact our staff with your details. We are looking forward to receiving your correspondence and requirement soon.


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